Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on Sharon

 I thougt this would be the easiest way to update everyone on Sharon's appotiment yesterday. I didn't mean to hurt anyone feelings with the last update when I accidently forgot some on the email through facebook.

I'm sorry I didn't send an update last night when we got home. We were all so exhausted that the children and I were in bed just alittle after 7pm. Perry had his weekly Bible Study at the Prison so he left for that. 

After getting lost in Greenville (Thanks Tom Tom) we arrived right at 9am. We were seen by two different nurses and thoroughly interviewed Sharon.  We were very impressed. Never have we been in any type of setting like we were in yesterday. It was like a mini Hospital.  I did feel a little at ease knowing we were about to see one of the top three doctors in the country for these sorts of problems and Infertility. After a short wait a female doctor came in and got us. I was a little surprised because this wasn’t the doctor who we were sent to see. (Sharon was given a female Reproductive Endocrinologist because it is in her chart she wanted only females.) I thought that was very nice and accommodating. She asked Sharon questions for about an hour. Took her complete history and confirmed them with her medical chart from our OB/GYN.  She explained to us that she must rule out a few different blood disorders with the first one being von Willebrand Disease which the doctor does NOT believe she has but wants a conclusive test done. (Sharon was tested for this in early January however the doctor could not locate the test results and explained to us that most OB’s don’t order the right test for this disease. It’s very difficult to confirm.) The conclusive test is there is no maybe, its either yes or no. The doctor also ordered blood testing on her thyroid. The doctor explained that if either of these tests comes back positive it will be ok and there is medicine that will fix either of them.

The doctor then ordered in the office another ultra sound of her entire pelvic area and did another exam. Sharon handled this very well. I am so proud of her. She was so brave and the Doctor was amazing. She was very patient and kind and took the time to allow Sharon to proceed with each part of the test at her own pace. Sharon was so comfortable with this doctor that she told me to go wait with dad in the waiting room; she didn’t think her father would want to sit alone. All of this came back normal.  Her ovaries and uterus looks normal. She did find Sharon to have a very thick lining of the Uterus.  After all of these tests were done we went back into her office where she explained to the treatment plan.

The Doctor said because the lining of the uterus is very thick Sharon will continue to bleed until it’s gone on the medication she was taking. Basically Sharon was taking the wrong medication for what is wrong with her. She doesn’t have enough hormones in her body to shed the lining at once. She told us Sharon is far too young and the risks are too high for her age and never having children to do a D& C. (
Dilation and curettage) the traditional way with surgery. The risks are scar tissue and damage that isn’t an option, However She is going to do the same procedure but with medication. She explained in order to get her on a normal cycle she must get rid of the lining and start from square one. It is going to be painful with extremely heavy bleeding. She explained to us what to except. The doctor said this was the best option to get to “ground zero” and start from scratch. Sharon was given a prescription for the medication she must take for seven days. After the seventh day we have to call the doctor and inform her she took the last pill. Then we wait for the bleeding to start. The first day of bleeding we call the doctor and she is going to call in Sharon’s next medication she will take after 3-4 days of bleeding. This should be enough time to shed the lining. The new medication will stop the bleeding completely and hopefully the new medication will put her body on a normal cycle. The doctor said once we get through this we should start seeing 100% improvement with Sharon.

It was a tough day to see Sharon go through all of this testing yet again. Most women go through their female exams once a year, poor Sharon has had 6 done sense January. She is strong and brave and a fighter. She takes after her Dad this we have learned.

We are so very thankful for God. He has been our strength and comfort.
  In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.  (Psalm 62:7)

We are so thankful for all the prayers, cards, emails and phone calls from all of our friends and family all over this country. It has brought us comfort that we have needed to get through this with our daughter.


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  1. So glad that you finally got some answers! God truly is an awesome God! We will be praying that this treatment works the way it should. Love you guys bunches and can't wait to see you at lectures!