Thursday, February 24, 2011

Latest Update on Sharon

Yesterday we traveled to Greenville again…to see Sharon’s new Doctor. Sharon’s blood count went from 10.5 a week ago to 8.1 yesterday. It was excepted because of the extremely heavy flow over the weekend. Which came from taking the previra (to shed her lining, the D&C with medication).The doctor did not increase her Iron because Ms. Stubborn oops Ms. Sharon told the doctor she is just tired of taking it. It makes her sick! Well we knew what she was doing and have to gently remind her to take it daily!

The medication the Doctor called us back into the office for is a new medication that has only been approved for just over a year now. The medication when taken during her period will cause the blood clots to be more “productive” and slow down the bleeding. This medication is prescribed a lot in Europe not so much here in the US. The big discussion the doctor wanted to have; is the possible side effects of this new medication. She could pass a blood clot and it could travel. We have to watch for pain in her calf’s and swelling. If she has any of this we have to rush her right to the doctor. (This scares me because we live so far from the hospital. We live just under two hours) the doctor strongly believes that this Medication will do the trick. She also believes that will everything else being ruled out, that the problem is simply caused by Sharon’s brain not fully matured enough to regulate her cycle.

So, now we are just in the waiting mode. We are praying that the Previa worked and shed the lining and the bleeding will come to a complete stop. She has until Monday. Monday we are to go back if it doesn’t.

I totally trust this new doctor and so thankful that we finally got to see a specialist. I am just so frustrated beyond belief that they just can’t fix my daughter. As difficult as it is to admit, I just want an easy fix. But there is no easy fix in this. The more the doctor tells me this, the worse I get. I can’t imagine what it is like to have a period for 3 straight months. To be tired, cranky, sick to her stomach, throwing up, missing so much school, she missed softball ( her favorite sport she has waited to play) missing her friends, all the weight she has lost, to be poked and touched for months.

I was reminded last night waiting for Bible Study to begin that I need not to be frustrated and to fully turn this all over to God. That God will provide and He will take care of Sharon. God is the only one in control.

In Christian Love,

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  1. The Lord will take care of her, but as Moms it is TERRIBLY difficult to let go of the worry that seems instantanious when one of our babies is wounded (and Sharon is not simply wounded-she is HURTING!) I'm praying for you both!