Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy Bee

It’s been a busy productive week so far. While Perry is away in Georgia for a Gospel Meeting, I have been cleaning and organizing our home.  Still had a lot of books to put away from the Lectureship. After a wonderful trip to Memphis and Kentucky for the Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship it is nice to get the house in order. We made such awesome memories. To see all of our classmates and getting to catch up the instructors was amazing.  The memories made staying with our dear friends were  priceless! Staying up till 3am, our son preaching his first sermon at 9 o ‘clock at night in McDonald’s in Memphis,  Perry breaking out with Andrew Connelly DVD at 2am, all the kids playing together, such wonderful encouragement and support! You can never put a price on Christian Friendship! We are already counting down until next March.

Our lives are busy here as the school year is wrapping up.  We are very excited for the next school year as all three kids have asked to be home schooled.  There are various reasons; it has been a tough year with its ups and downs. We must do what is best for our Children.  I am very excited and nervous all at the same time.  I have spent many hours researching curriculum, reading blogs, researching our rights and the laws of North Carolina. The more I have researched and learned the more I know we are making the right decision.  I have a very special friend who home schools her girls. She has given me lots of advice and encouragement and I couldn’t do this with her! Thank you

Sharon is feeling great. She is pretty much back to normal. We are just patiently awaiting her next cycle. She is a little nervous but we must have faith in knowing  everything is going to be OK!

Perry’s work with the Prison is going well. He will resume his work once he returns from Georgia.  I have started volunteering at a local nursing home here in our county.  I was really nervous considering I had one day of training.  But my first day was incredible.  These people just want attention and someone to listen to them. It was heart breaking really. They have so much wisdom and life experience.  I look forward to each day I get to work with them.  Anyone have any advice or suggestions on activates please email them to me!

Can’t wait for Perry to return so we can get our garden planted. We thought we were behind but everyone has told us for our region we are right on time! With the cost of fresh vegetables we need this garden.  I look forward to fresh from the garden veggies.

Lesson for the day: Never Never question or criticize someone for what they have done  if your not willing to do it yourself!