Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Hurricane Irene to Day 1 of Homeschool...

I really did have good intentions of keeping this blog updated. I feel like I have let so many people down. As I read through all the old posts it brings tears to my eyes of what our family has gone through sense I have last posted. In one word to describe the last five months sense the last post is: ROLLERCOASTER.

Let me bring you all up to date. This family from California has experienced our first Hurricane. Hurrican Irene was bad!!  So much destruction and loss. Our villiage here (we have been corrected so many times. It's a villiage, not a town) took alot of damage from the wind and rain. Many many trees down, roofs destroyed or damaged, water damage to complete loss. We were without power 4 days many others were without much longer. There are many that are still without power. We visited an area that was flooded with 5-8 feet of storm surge. Countless homes with all their belongings just thrown outside into large piles.  So many people lost everything. From the day the storm hit Perry has been out in force. He has such a huge heart and a desire to help others. A semi truck full of supplies from  the Church of Christ Diaster Relief was brought here. So many people were helped with food boxes, cleaning supplies, sheets, pillows, shovels, blankets, gloves.... This Disaster has changed us. Seeing so many people in the flooded community who were so thankful for just a mop or a gallon of bleach dry pillow and blanket. Yesterday the final supplies were sent our neighboring county to help Disaster victim's there.  As people contiune to clean up Perry is working on a plan to go into the community that was so damaged with flooding to offer his help in contruction. Our entire family will help in this. All his years in flooring with come into good use.

All summer we have been preparing to homeschool our children. Today was Day 1: First day of Homeschool. We followed a strick schedule which really seemed to help us. The children were all up and had their showers by 6:30am. They were so excitied. We began our day with a family scripture reading. We are studying the book of Job together.  As much as I planned it felt alot like we are flying by the seat of our pants. At times it was difficult. All three have their school work on the computer. We decided and went with Switched on School House or SOS. I didn't know and struggled with how was I going to teach three children in three different grades. So far I am very pleased with our decision. We didn't get to have our mock school day as planned but it all worked out. The curriculum is difficult. Our oldest daughter thought she was going to breeze right through it. At the end of the day, Sharon said she had not been this challenged sense we left Memphis. It was hard when all three had questions at the same time. All three are compeletly different. They learn differently  As they calmed down and we got into a rhytm the day just flew by. All work was completed and corrected and the kids did great.

Thank you all for your contiuned prayers and support.

In Christian Love,

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